Tokubetsu Jugyou 3 SLG Episode 2 Uncensored


In an expensive prestigious College of the “Holy virgin” to get far from everyone, but our hero Tomoe lucky, because it came the invitation. From that chance don’t refuse it without thinking and rushes over there. Not having time to knock on the door, on the threshold of his meets a charming girl invites you inside, offers a hot Cup of tea and wait for a bit. It turned out that in tea slipped something and Tomoya wakes up in an unknown place, like a brothel. He hears the following, “Congratulations! You have been accepted to College. Your first task will be to meet this girl”. At first, his shock was replaced with pleasure. His mission is not to show no sympathy to the girls, because from now on they are his slaves and should behave as master with slave… Year: 2010Release date: 2011Source: OriginalGenre: BDSM, Group sex, Oral sex, School, RapeQuality: WEB-720PXlanguage: SubtitlesEnglish name: Tokubetsu Jugyou 3 SLG The AnimationOriginal name: 特別授業3SLG THE ANIMATION Director: Murakami TeruakiStudio: Bishop, MS PICTURES, HiLLS