Tensei Kendo no Harem Colosseum Episode 3 English Subbed


The large breasted elf Duranta, a clumsy, peace-loving girl, somehow becomes the heroine of a bloody Colosseum however, actually, she was an idol-warrior, simply playing a part. Inside the carnage …Year: 2017г.Source: MangaGenre: Big tits, self, harem, impregnation,Duration: 3ep. 25min.language: SubbedQuality: WEB-720PXRelease date: May 25, 2017Original name: (C)葉原 鉄 Hisasi/PoRO 転生剣奴の子作り闘技場(ハーレムコロッセオ)「甲冑巨乳エルフ・デュランタ~孕み孕まれ白濁流し」English name: Tensei Kendo no Harem ColosseumDirector: PoroStudio: Poro