Soshite Watashi wa Sensei ni… Episode 3


Studio: nurAlternate Title: そしてわたしはセンセイに…… ~姉妹と母と……~(仮)Release Date: 2023/02/24This, again … Gessutsu Shiori, who was attacked in the morning toilet, was burning with a meat stick that was deeply buried and her body was burning with complaints… It ‘s been a long time. Sensei… NEET older sister Nao exposed her appearance with the hatred of being attacked by her doting younger sister… If it’s a connection, it would be nice to have a direct connection . I was supposed to go on a business trip for ○○ Shiori from Lotus, but it was a heavy burden for NEETs… In reality, the hateful teacher stick was not only hungry for Oyako Don, but also for sister rice bowls. I was making that figure come back again…