Rensa Byoutou Episode 1 Uncensored Subbed


Two hours faraway from Tokyo is Kiyosato Hospital. Shuji is a member of work next completing Medical School, but the reality that his father died there throughout a operation when he was in college haunts him today. Actually, precisely why Shuji has been a doctor is that his father died and that he wanted in order to investigate just the key reason why he died. Mainly because it was almost a decade ago, he finding that he’s having lots of dead ends. Upon reporting to Kiyosato, he learns that Dr. Takao (the physician who had been operating on Shuji’s father while he died) is now the assistant director of the hospital. Also on the same day, he sees Misako, his girlfriend when that his father died. However, Shuji soon learns that Misako is currently married to Dr. Takao under some suspicious circumstances. This leads Shuji to look into Dr. Takao and gain back Misako by what ever means are necessary…Year: 2007Release date: Jun 25, 2007Source: OriginalGenre: Nurses, Housewives, Large Breasts, Rape, Oral sex, VirginQuality: WEB-720PXlanguage: SubtitlesEnglish name: Rensa ByoutouOriginal name: 連鎖病棟Director: Masa PukuStudio: Milky