OVA Iinchou wa Saimin Appli o Shinjiteru.


The hentai will tell the story of Koderu, the main character, who is tried by his friends as if hypnotized by an app on his phone to confess his feelings to Satsuki, the class president. After accidentally noticing all this, Satsuki asks him to come to the sports equipment closet to talk. Once there, the girl, thinking that the hypnotic app actually works, tries to use hypnosis on Kodera as well, as she loves him, but is afraid to admit it, because what if he already has someone he likes and so he will turn her down. He then decides to go along with her and pretend to be hypnotized by her, allowing her to do all sorts of things to him.)
Satsuki and Kodera, who pretends to be hypnotized, are able to unleash their secret lustful desires and have a passionate and full of pleasures.