Orgasm or Drown (Futa)


Violet takes on the Orgasm or Drown challenge, she drops into the water & attaches the chain lock to her leather straps. She starts fondling her breast while jerking her cock & periodically checks her Oxygen & Pleasure levels. She starts to run low on Oxygen now she accidentally opens her mouth. She panics briefly thinking she’s not going to make it & tries & fails to undo the lock. As she reaches 2% Oxygen she quickly tries to finish herself off, she finally hits 100% pleasure & orgasms as the lock releases. The oxygen reaches 0% & she tries to reach the surface but is drowning & has no energy left. She falls unconscious as her body goes still. Somebody jumps in & rescues her before performing CPR. Violet coughs up water then looks up & smiles at Ruby, she tells Ruby it’s her turn next.