Ore ga Kanojo o su Wake Episode 6 Subbed


He, Ryuji Oki, has always loved me, Haruka and her daughter Natsume, and taught us the pleasure of a woman. Thanks to Ryuji-kun, Satsuka was able to experience many men. Mama is glad that the service skills have grown a lot. Moreover, the female slave of Ryuji-kun, who is now able to be able to etch outside without being shy, is already fine. And as a final test from him, Satsuka was entrusted with a customer. Oh dear? If you think there’ve seen somewhere, that person No ♪ I ‘ll there is a reward of Ryuji-kun, if you can firmly your service. Good luck, Summer! Year: 2019 Year.Release date: 2019/11/29Source: MangaGenre: Oral sex, Gokkun, RapeQuality: WEB-720PXlanguage: SubbedEnglish name: Ore ga Kanojo o *su Wake / Ore ga Kanojo o Okasu WakeOriginal name: 俺が姪(かのじょ)を○す理由(わけ) 六日目 彼女はその日ようやく親離れができた Director: Yokoyama HiromiStudio: Suzuki Mirano