Kunoichi Ryoujokuden Ajisai Episode 1


Product Introduction The emotionless female ninja, even in the face of extreme wickedness, loses her composure to the taste of honey thrust into her secret parts. Whether she’s a ninja… she cannot escape her feminine nature. Kunoichi Ryoujokuden Ajisai Episode 1Buxom ninja appears in “Suzuki Mirano”! From idols and female knights to ninja characters. The first installment of the anime adaptation of the doujin game “Kunoichi Legend: Hydrangea” by the versatile heroine maker doujin circle “Midnight Pleasure”! Will you use a smokescreen of semen to hide from the busty, buxom ninjas? Anime original heroine voice actors speak cutely, pant, and tease! くノ一○○伝 紫陽花 第一話 潜入、蒲生邸 媚薬○○と快楽○○