Koharu Biyori – Ep.3


“I, Takaya Murase, am an actual doll fetishist, and I do not deny it, that is my way of life, that is my passions and pursuits. However I am becoming bored with atypical dolls on a regular basis… So I made a decision to get myself a reside robotic lady. Together with her I might take pleasure in all of the pleasures of male life. Besides I obtained the flawed maid. Was she presupposed to be insubordinate to her grasp in this system?! What? There is no such factor?!? So it is a program malfunction!? Nevertheless it’s much more fascinating… let’s have a look at who’s who… We’ll see. I am going to make you, Yui, do ALL my calls for and put on ALL the garments I convey you. For I, Takaya Murase, am a fetishist… and THIS says all of it! So be it my approach.”