I began this again in July 2015, Initially Intending It for Awa Professional That Yr. After Working On It for A FEW Weeks I Realized There Was No Approach i’d Be In a position to Come near Ending It On Time, SO I Put It Right down to Work on Different Initiatives. After a FEW MONTHS OF SPORADIC Work on It, I Made a Main Push to End IT Throughout Feb.-April 2016; Doing About 80-85% Of the Work on It Throughout This Interval (and Largely Forsaking Most of My Different Hobbies on the Time). With it Largely Completed, I Determined to Shelve It for AWA Professional 2016 and Got here Again to IT, Tweaking the results, Throughout Aug./sept. 2016. ALL IN ALL, I PROBABLY SPENT A FEW HUNDRED HOURS ON THIS.