Ero Ishi: Seijun Bishoujo o Kotoba Takumi ni Hametai Houdai Episode 2


The JK series is newly added to the coquttish doll of the “Petit” label! The second release of “JK and the Erotic Doctor” released by Bruge LIGHT, which has been animated with new characters, is now available! Palpation of a doctor that everyone longs for, and obstetrics and gynecology! Obscenity medical treatment with clear faces of beautiful girls who do not know anything! If you’re not careful, insert it on the delivery table behind the partition! Ayano-chan, a serious girl who is sullenly angry with Reina-chan, a beautiful virgin who is full of prey to such a metamorphosis doctor! Reina-chan, who is messed up and is finally punished by the shock of deflowering insertion without knowing it, wears darkness and punishes a female! Behind the desperate apology, only Ayano-chan is rushing to see the secrets! You can fully enjoy the cute and juicy beautiful girls who are obscene and unpleasant!