Boku wa Chiisana Succubus no Shimobe Episode 2


A new cute imma! Harlem servant life begins! Shogo becomes a devoted servant to Tiffany, who is a succubus, and ends up living with her. A new girl appears before Shogo. Her name is Chloe, Tiffany’s little sister. Chloe cannot absorb her semen by herself, so she receives a kiss from Tiffany, so she will live with her. One day, Shogo will be alone with Chloe. He spends an awkward time with Chloe, who is taciturn and stares at Shogo. He decided to go out with him to try to do something about it. Shogo is embarrassed by the fact that he still feels awkward even when he goes outside. As he walked, he was dragged into a back alley where Chloe didn’t like him. When she came to her senses, Chloe, whose eyes were shining strangely, told her to kneel down and lick her with her overbearing attitude. 僕は小さな淫魔のしもべ 第2話 クロエのお食事タイム