Betty’s Dream -Half 1


Ogri is chained up on a table as Betty grows a magical futa cock & face fucks Ogri while bugling her throat. Ogri grabs Betty’s wand & turns the table switching places with Betty, with Betty chained on the table Ogri forces her giant cock into Betty’s mouth. She abuses Betty’s mouth, throat, & body as her cock reaches deep down into Betty’s body passing her breasts while bulging her out. She starts sucking Betty’s cock. The wand then causes Betty to cock, tits, ass, & thighs to grow in size. Ogri gives Betty a handjob before putting Betty’s now huge cock in her mouth & blowing her. She jackhammers Betty’s mouth until she cums down her throat & cumflates her while cum pours out of Betty’s asshole. She slides out her cock causing Betty to puke cum, she then presses down on Betty’s cumflated stomach causing her to puke even more. Not done yet, she pushes Betty’s cock in Betty’s own mouth & forces her to suck it until she cums down her own throat, this cumflates her stomach even further while shooting cum out her ass. The spell finishes & her magical cock disappear & she pukes up a little more cum.